#Frequently Asking Questions
What's this going to cost ?
Honestly, we couldn't tell you. Though we enjoy cookies, we don't employ a cookie cutter approach. Pricing is an important factor when planning your online presence though. Your budget and your imagination determine the costs for building services. We can't give you a cookie cutter cost because your business and the services that you need are unique.

We can only promise:
- You will be billed fairly
- Costs will be kept to a minimum
- We will work with you to ensure that there are no surprise costs

Will this work on my phone ?
We've always been taught to pay attention. Our tailored experiences are crafted to ensure that they work equally as well online from a home or business computer, as they do on a cell phone or tablet.

Perfect Transfers

A portion of our process is testing. Once we have the concept laid out in a viewing form, we test it on multiple devices.

Looks Perfect

We ensure that it looks perfect before we launch. The mirror in the corner isn't for nothin'!.

What services do you provide ?
Mother (Ai) is a full service digital shop. We have a wealth of services tailored to the basic things that our clients usually need. Some of those services include logo design and development, online shopping portals, mobile application layout and design, project management. Truth: if it involves your online presence, we can do it. If not, we can refer you to a reputable place that we trust.
The greatest thing ?
You may not know all, or everything that you need in order to master your online presence. We do though. The beauty of having a multitude of friends is that they have different areas of expertise. More importantly, you can lean on them freely when you need that expertise.
We're like that friend. We'll gladly help you along the way even if you decide that the time isn't right, or if you go another direction. There is no harm in asking. Otherwise you'll never know.

You Deserve a Treat